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How many of your competitors sell the same affiliate products, using the same sales-pages over and over - And How to make Everyone come to Your Site instead? A new Powerful Tool will make this a Reality!

the edge with affiliate hijacker

How about if it would be possible to...

  • Create your own Supercharged Sales Page with a Few Mouseclicks - promoting and selling any vendor's product - and be
    The only one offering Amazing Bonuses or Reviews which noone else has?

  • Add Valuable Content, Reviews, Articles and Links on your affiliate product page which will get picked up by the search engines and Catapults your Google Position higher than any of your competitors?

  • Add videos and flash movies making your site (again) stand out from the rest?

  • Do all this in a few minutes without any coding, HTML editing or any real work ?

  • And have all this on your own site on your own URL?


No Software needed - Affiliates Hijacker includes Lifetime Access to the Hijacker Online Tool!!

  •  Profit with Clickbank, CJ, Amazon, any Affiliate Program

  • Search Engines will love you! <-- Full content on your sites!

  • Excellent "Great" Quality Score for PPC no matter what you promote!

  • "HiJack" and Clone any number of sites every day. Sky's the Limit!

  • No foul Redirects or Affiliate Links, No Iframes, No Google Penalization

  • Add sitemaps, links to keyword-rich articles and more to your affiliate page, again crushing your competitors with  organic search results and high search engine rank for your page!



Example, one of thousands of products you could jack:

Ever wanted to promote "Affiliate Elite" ?

Affiliateelite.Superiorbits.com  <--- 2 Minutes 30 Secs. for this from the idea until it is running as live site ready to make sales!! With all the content! Check page-source if you don't believe me.
No Need for HTML Editor, web design, writing text or any real work whatsoever!.

Watch this Screencast - From the Idea to the Finished Site Ready for Sales:
2 Minutes 30 Seconds:



In a few mouseclicks you can  promote and have PPC campaigns running for whatever affiliate program you like!

affiliate hijacker overlay editorSnatch Any Sale!! Your Site will be The Only One offering Bonuses or Articles or Links or whatever Content you like!

Oh! And did i mention...why not Add Links and Articles and Skyrocket your Google Rank for natural organic search results - in addition? :)



Can you literally see all your affiliate competitors Cry now ? I bet you can!!!

affiliate hijacker bonus overlay

Example Page <- Click

Affiliate Hijacker in Action: You could put a Bonus on your sales pages, in this example for a random ClickBank product.

Note that you do not need to *design* your own sales page - It just takes a few clicks with Affiliate Hijacker to "hijack" a site! Affiliate Hijacker also contains a banner editor which allows easy entering of content, pictures, videos, text, links and more for the "overlay banner". You can have have HUNDREDS of true, real sites with content, selling whatever you want in no time!

Clickbank, CommissionJunction, Amazon, ... Earnings 24 hours a day!

It's so quick and easy you can do this 50-100 times a day, 100% complete real sites - and cash will roll in for every new product you hijack!

Access to the Hijacker Online Tool is included!



What else you could do with Affiliate Hijacker...

pet shop from commissionjunction chow chows from clickbank
Make your own Pet-Shop using a vendor from CommissionJunction. Sell their products as an affiliate on your own URL. Promote and sell any product from ClickBank As affiliate on your own URL.
google poodle amazon clone
Clone any site you want - even Google. On your own URL. Create a landing page for a product on Amazon - On your own URL - With you as Affiliate.

Please be adviced not to violate TOS of your particular affiliate program. Please also always adhere to copyright laws applying to your country. The above are demonstration examples for the power and capabilities of Affiliate Hijacker.

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